Vox AC15CC1 Custom Classic 15-Watt All Tube 1×12″ Guitar Combo


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Vox AC15CC1 Custom Classic 15-Watt 1×12″ Guitar Combo

Here’s an incredible sounding Vox AC15CC1 Custom Classic reissue. Being one of the AC15 reissues made between 2006-2010 in China, these were extremely well built and highly respected as a solid and classic British sounding All tube 15-Watt Amp having two ECC83 (12AX7) preamp and two EL84 power tubes.

It features a pressed board enclosure with all the Vox basket weave vinhyde, brown Vox diamond grill  cloth, gold string, gold plated logo, gold grill molding, white grill piping, a Vox logo handle, and eight black plastic two pin corners.

The AC15CC1 also comes standard equipped with a 16 ohm 12″ Vox Wharfedale speaker, designed to tonally resemble the famous “green backed” speaker used by Vox from the 70s through the 90s.

The amp also includes a master volume control, tremolo, and spring reverb.

Aesthetically, the amp has some minor scratches, finish dings, wear and tear over the cabinet (the grill cloth is a bit off over the top gold strip but still in place) however the Amp is in great condition overall with nothing that affects the playability or amp functionality at all.

As you can imagine, Local pickup in LA is much preferred. Although we can ship it out to Continental US as an option, you just need to understand that shipping this beauty has a cost (It’s more than the courier, it requires the proper box, padding and insurance) for a roughly 55 lbs shipment. Please check our reputation and how buyers speak well about our packing and shipping techniques). The amp comes with no foot switch however it does with its original black leather amp cover.



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