About us

I Want That Guitar is one of the hottest Music Stores. With Headquarters in LA and locations in multiple cities across the US we are committed to sell only prime used, vintage and collective Guitars, Basses, Amps and Pro audio gear at the most competitive prices. We also buy guitars and musical gear. we do a lot of remote consignment sales too.
Reach us directly at 917-982-8222 or email us at info@iwantthatguitar.com

Rodrigo Crespo


Rodrigo Crespo is a Latin-Grammy nominated, platinum-selling record musician, producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Rodrigo has been involved in recording, performing and producing for 60 albums released in over 35 countries by major labels. He has written songs charting on Billboard. He has worked with artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ana Free, Marilina Bertoldi, Marié Digby, Bossa’n Stones, Bossa’n Marley among others. 

He’s also a Guitar collector and obsessive compulsive gear buyer, with a vast knowledge in Vintage and high end Electric and acoustic guitars. He’s a legit old school Guitar Hunter.

Juan M Soria


Juan M Soria is a Singer-Songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY.  His musical style is rock/folk with a bit of slide guitar. He’s well known for traveling by land performing countless  shows with dates still being added, crossing the entire US, Canada all the way to Alaska. When not performing his own music, Juan is a popular collaborator in the NYC scene. He is a sought-after session musician and a guitar nerd, seeker of used and collective, rare acoustic and electric guitars, dobros, lap/pedal steel guitars while on the road. He’s amazing at finding used and opportunities. 

Hector “Papo” Camacho


AKA. PopTweaker, Hector is a busy touring and studio session Guitar player who has played with Grammy awarded artists all over the world such as J Balvin, Prince Royce, Natalia Jimenez among countless recordings as a hired guitar guru. When he’s not on the road he’s one of the nerdiest seeker of the most rare, exclusive Electric guitars, amps and FX guy ever. He posses a talent to find the perfect guitar rig for every stage or gig. Because of his vast experience as a touring player, He has also a direct relationship with many of the most well known and boutique Guitar, Amp and FX builders and dealers. If you ever need help to find the right specs for a custom built instrument from scratch, he’s the man.