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1. Are you an online store?

We connect buyers with sellers and we are also an online store, we always have an inventory of guitars/basses, amps, pro audio gear that is mainly from our own collection plus other customers private inventory on consignment exclusively with us. We are beyond than just an online buy and/or sell platform.

2. I wanna buy a used Guitar i see listed on eBay/Reverb/Guitar Center, how can you help me?

You contact us and we facilitate the purchase for you. We can give you all the resources, logistics and arrangement to refer you and purchase any desired Guitar, Bass, Amp or piece of gear as long as the item and the seller is located in the United States of America. The key is we dig into the instrument before purchasing, dealing with the seller getting into deeper details so we make sure it’s the right instrument for you, and if you want we can also refer you to other options. Then you go ahead and place the order directly from the seller, then we charge you for a commission on the transaction (it’s small percentage that is calculated of the instrument value).

3. I wanna get rid of a bunch of gear i have in my studio, what can you do for me?

Give us a call or send us an email. Tell us a bit more of the items you have. We can discuss about the best scenario for you to sell and maximize your earnings. We also get customers often looking for a straight sell with us, and keep it for our own inventory, although we work mainly on consignment deal for selling your stuff. That means if you’re local and it’s convenient for you to drop off your gear then we take care of the rest. If you live in a different city that we operate, we can work remotely as well. When the item sells you should take care of the packing, we still take care of the logistics and secure the transaction. We usually add it to our online shop, eBay/Reverb shops, local listings, online platforms and our most valuable asset: our own private network of buyers. We handle the payment, shipping and payout for you at your convenience. Of course we get a commission fee from the transaction, that is a fixed percentage and it’s less than half of what a typical retail store would charge.

4. I want a guitar similar to the one i see on this specific website but it seems a catalog photo from the manufacturer’s website, i’m not sure if i’m gonna like it, it’s a lot of money for me, what should i do?

Get a free consultation call with us. We can help you to decide if that’s the right type of instrument for you, then we’ll refer you options such as finding a similar one at a nearest guitar shop that we can actually try the guitar for you and give you the insights. We can also negotiate the price for you. Guaranteed satisfaction

5. I wonder how you guys would handle selling my collection of 20 vintage guitars and dozens of studio microphones, preamps, summing mixer, channels strips and outboard gear.

We go by classifying, taking pro level photos and checking all the pieces one by one. We discuss all details, we put them on our online shops and networks. when every individual product gets sold, depending of the payment method it might take 2-3 business days to get you the breakdown (deducting our commission fee) with the payout for you by Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, wire transfer or check.

6. I’m gonna be in LA for vacations and i wanna go to a guitar shop, but I wanna try it, feel it before buy it, not sure where cause and i don’t have the time to do it, can you help me?

Sure, Just get a free consultation call first. Then we can refer you a few couple of options, we might be able to hook you up, look and keep an eye on any specific piece you might be interested in ahead of your trip so when you arrive you live the experience.

7. I wanna get a cheap Bass for less than $300, which one should i buy?

Save a little more money, $500 at least and get a good instrument, it’s worth the wait.

8. I wanna get a Vintage 1954 Fender Stratocaster but i don’t wanna spend more than $3k, What should i do?

Pray. Or consider getting a nice Custom Shop 50’s reissue, or even cheaper a AV’57, these are great instruments. We might find an opportunity, however we can’t guarantee miracles. We keep an eye on local listings, online and local stores or simply knowing through mouth to mouth.

9. This X brand just came out with this Amp that is awesome and it’s $1800 brand new, i wonder if i could find it used for half of the price, i wanna pay that not much, can you get me one?

Sorry, but when a new gear comes up it’s hard to get a discounted price and due to it’s just released, very rare to find a used piece. At times we can maybe find you an open box, however if you want the new thing be prepared to waste what it cost.

10. Do i have to pay TAX on top of the price i see on the website that i see the instrument i want? 

Pretty much ALL of them, yes. Starting at 2019 even if you ship out of state too, same as if you go to any retail store in the US, 100% you must pay sales TAX (it varies depending on the State where the store is located). As an example: Lately, Reverb started charging sales TAX to multiple states by default. So the answer is YES, be prepared to pay sales TAX from the seller.

11. So, i know what i want then what’s the point of getting your services?

That’s great and it’s a KEY point! Well, we have all the resources, expertise and professionalism that we have to acquire great instruments, if you consider yourself capable to do that then cheers for that!

12. Hablan español?

Si, también!

13. I wanna buy a guitar/bass that Rudy’s Music in NYC is selling, but i live in Europe, not sure when i’d be able to travel to New York, can you ship it abroad?

We know very well Rudy (as many other serious guitar shops around the US), we can simply go there, try it out for you and help you to get it. However, we do not ship internationally because there are some restrictions as far as exporting an instrument and Import duties that need to be taken care of depending on every specific country. So we can only provide the logistic to facilitate the shipping to a specific city in the US only, if you can find anyone that takes care of bringing it to you from there to Europe then fine.

14. I wanna buy a guitar, i’ve been looking at it online but i’m not sure if i can spend that money now, can you help me to decide or find something maybe cheaper?

Well, maybe you should decide first if you’re ready to buy it or not, and that’s totally fine. We want you to buy something that you love, although we can’t force you to do something you’re not 100% committed, so please stay in touch until the right time comes.

16. My uncle’s friend bought a 1958 Fender Stratocaster for $800 in the eighties, why are they going for $30.000 – $50.000 now?

Yes, we heard that many times. Used Fenders in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s were cheap…They were simply used, not considered “vintage” until the eighties. In 2007- 2008 prices went to its peak, they’re a little lower now but still very expensive, who knows? Getting a vintage instrument is ALWAYS A GREAT INVESTMENT.

17. I’ve heard these run of these “X” brand guitars from June ‘04 – March ‘05 are amazing, better than a japanese Telecaster made in the nighties, what do you think? Plus, it cost a third of the price of an American made Fender Tele.

You might be right. Rather than spending hours reeding blogs, we do what we do by our expertise and experience as players mainly, so being honest if we haven’t tried something yet we’ll tell you we can look at them, see if we can try them out, and tell you the honest thoughts about it.

18. What if I get a guitar from you, and at the revision step you find something wrong with the instrument, such as “unexpected” specs or damage while in shipping?

In case we find something wrong we instantly offer you two ways: First shipping the instrument back to the seller and getting you the chance to find you another guitar to purchase (we won’t charge you our fee again), OR we can negotiate for you to get a partial reimbursement from the seller if you’d like to keep the guitar.