1974 Fender Vibro Champ Silver Face Amp

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Vintage 1974 Fender Vibro Champ Silver Face amp

Up for sale, here’s an original 1974 (not a reissue) 1×8″ – 6 Watts Fender Vibro Champ Silver Face in great condition.

Aesthetically and functionally in Excellent condition. You can definitely see the amp has been barely played and well preserved. All the tubes (2 x 6V6GT power amp and 2 x 12ax7a preamp tubes) seems to be RCA originals to the amp nd they’re sounding terrific. One thing to note that is also not very common on these amps is that the Vibrato works really well and reacts with the knobs pretty accurately.

Part of the Champ family, the Vibro Champ is the holy grail of the low wattage Fender Amps. It sounds incredible and it’s in Excellent shape over all. I d doubt you’ll find another in similar condition.

You can check all the photos (we can send more upon request). You can clearly see serial number A 41218., speaker seems to be clearly the original and you can barely see it’s dated ’73 , Transformer code shows ’73 and ’74. Pots are dated ’73. Everything Seems all original and serviced through the years as is meant to be

Cosmetically, is in impecable condition, with only a few tiny little dings, however the tolex, handle and grill cloth are in excellent condition.

It’ll be professional packed and insured to Continental US only. Local pickup in LA is also available at no cost.



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