Vintage 1967 Fender Mustang Bass Fiesta Red


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1967 Fender Mustang Bass Fiesta Red.

Up for sale is this awesome players Fender Mustang Bass that includes a real vintage 1967 Fender Mustang Bass neck with its original finish, unmodified and a current MIJ Fender Mustang Bass body with its original Fiesta Red finish and upgraded electronics, including a massive Dimarzio Model One (think of a Gibson Mudbucker pickup from the Gibson EB models) Humbucker pickup..

It really blows away to everyone that grabs it, making a great instrument for someone who’s looking to get an original ’60s Mustang Bass with its awesome feel and mojo, at a very competitive price. If you’re in that category, or you’re just so into parts basses, this is your opportunity to have an awesome, super fun, lightweight and reliable work horse for a fraction of a Vintage 1960s Mustang Bass with a very interesting twist because of the pickup (if you ever tried any Mustang Bass Pawn shop series, then you’ll get the idea and this is way better since the neck it’s a real deal).

Video with audio will be uploaded soon. More photos upon request on the message area.

8.0 Lbs. Which is lightweight and perfectly balanced. It comes with a black pickguard and upgraded CTS pots and Jack. Of course the body has been drilled a little in order to fit the bigger pickup however there’s no re route (decent job, you can see the photos). On the original ’67 neck as you can see there’s some honest wear, real checking and “patina” from years of playing. Neck stamp shows very clear 17 MAY 67 B, which means 17 = model code (Mustang Bass) – MAY 67 = MM/YY of production  and  B = neck profile.

The original finish is very smooth to play, with the original decal logo in perfect condition. Original string tree and bone nut. The tuners are Schaller BM replacements, which In my opinion are improvements from the original ones that aren’t that stable with the tuning. These ones are a great retrofit, and even though these have different screw pattern, the original holes from the previous ones are covered by the new tuners.

This is a really cool players Fender Mustang Bass that beats any current MIM/MIJ/MIA Mustang Bass out there. The bass is professionally set with a fresh set of D’addario Nickel strings and it plays like a dream. It comes with a new fitted Fender Original Black Tolex case. It’ll be professionally packed and fully insured to Continental US only.



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