2008 Kurt Schoen Turbo Diddley 5 String Ammo Box Resonator Guitar owned by Sammy Sanchez

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2008 Kurt Schoen 5 String Turbo Diddley Ammo Box Resonator Guitar

Up for sale, here’s a rare example from a Kurt Schoen Turbo Diddley Ammunition Box guitar, owned by Sammy Sanchez.

In case you might not know, Sammy Sanches is a well known Guitar Tech guru and luthier. For several decades he has worked for some of the most influential guitar players and artists such as Santana, ZZ Top, Slash, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, Toto, Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt, George Benson and Larry Carlton just to name a few.

This incredible instrument was ordered by Sammy by specific appointments to Kurt Schoen and the result is a very unique 5 string version of his Turbo Diddley Guitar box made out of a handpicked selection of recycled old woods that usually have a great history behind, plus the proprietary resonator system and a lipstick neck pickup. Sammy specially requested to be a 5 string to be able to use Keith Richard’s tuning, however it can be really tuned the way you want.

The body is build from an old Winchester ammunition box and the neck from a flooring support from a New Orlean’s house that came down after Katrina hurricane in 2005. The fretboard is resaved from a pool-stick maker out of a business in Indiana. The bridge biscuit is a Douglas fir flooring from the nurses quarters at a collage in The Dalles, OR. the Maple saddle is from a slaughterhouse built in 1870 in Indiana, destroyed by a tornado in 2005.

As you can see, included in the original case there’s a hand written letter from Kurt Schoen explaining Sammy about all the wood pieces on this guitar are coming from and referring to his resonator compared to the one he did for Dusty Hill’s bass.

This instrument belongs to Sammy’s personal collection and has been borrowed to countless of famous guitar players that he has worked with over the years. The original flight case still have stickers from some of this travels.

It ships out to Continental US and some international destinations as well. {ease get in touch for specific quote.



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