1972 Fender Telecaster Blonde w/OSHC


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1972 Fender Telecaster Blonde All Original with Hard Case.

Up for sale, here’s a stunning 1972 Fender Telecaster in Original Blonde finish. One of the coolest Telecaster you’ll find at this price. Incredible sounding early ’72 Telecaster with lots of plat wear, patina and mijo.

8.8 Lbs, which is moderate (not the lightest however lighter than many others from this era) and it feels pretty well balanced.

3 APR 72 B stamped on the neck (April ’72), F neck plate Serial # 367XXX, Pots dated 34th week of ’66 (since Fender purchased a huge inventory of CTS pots in 1966 is very common to find ’66 pots on multiple instruments from ’66 thorough early ’70s), Original grey bottom pickups. Original hardware including bridge, control plate, knobs, tuners, strap buttons. 3-ply white (yellowed) pickguard and black Rolex hard case.

Check all the photos. We can provide more photos, audios or videos upon request through the message area.

An amazing example of a highly collectible early ’70s Fender Telecaster instrument, still retaining most of the character from the early CBS years, without breaking the bank. Original body and neck finish (as usual on these years, poly finish on the entire neck excepts the headstock which was nitro) with its original decal logo.

A highly resonant Ash body with an incredible Tele neck. Neck pocket is pretty tight. It feels and plays incredible, perfectly straight like an arrow. Nut width is 1.63″, Depth thickness at 1st fret is 0.85″ and 0.90″ at 12th fret. Re-fret with Jumbo frets (great job btw), allowing low action and playing throughout the whole fretboard evenly without any dead spots. Truss rod works flawlessly both ways. It’s been professionally set and strung with a round wound set of D’addario.

Aesthetically, there’s a lot of honest play wear, nicks over the edges, marks, patina and discoloration which is pretty common on a +50 years old instrument. It seems like at some point there was a retro fit tremolo/vibrola bridge installed that was reversed with its original bridge. You can see clearly on the photos there are absolutely NO drills nor extra cavities. Also, at some point it shows like there was another control plate installed that was reversed to its original, since we could see there’s been a light sanding over just one of the sides of the control plate cavity (about 1mm, you can only see when removing the control plate). There are absolutely NO re routings, nor extra drill or holes whatsoever. All the guitar including its case appears to be all original and period correct. A killer early ’70s vintage Telecaster at still an affordable price tag.

The instrument comes with its original original black tolex hard case (which is in very good condition, with a missing latch out of the three however fully functional).



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