1969 Fender Twin Reverb Amp Silver Face 85-Watt 2×12″ Guitar Combo


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1969 Fender Twin Reverb Amp Silver Face 85-Watt 2×12″ Guitar Combo

Up for sale, here’s a clean example of an original (not a reissue) 1969 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silver face combo amplifier in great condition with a lots of mojo and maintenance, working in perfect condition.

If you’re familiar with these, you know these Silver face amps from ’68 – ’69 are essentially pretty much the same from the Black Face amps from ’64 – ’67. This particular one is one of the first Non-Drip edge (which means is exactly the same) and still made during the pinnacle of the Fender years. Fender now makes a reissue of this amp, which sounds close but quite not the same amp. The Twin Reverb is probably one of the most recorded amps of all times.

This ’69 Twin Reverb has still the AB763 circuit, it’s been definitely played and acquired some substantial mojo over the years. Functionally is in perfect working condition. All is original with the exception of the tubes, recapped and a newer AC plug for safety reasons. All the Four transformers, internal chasis marks and pots dates and are dated ’69.

Original Speakers dated ’69 as well. Everything seems original, including its black tolex and front grill cloth with te right and predictable discoloration through the years. The current tubes are JJ tubes on the Rectifier, Tung-Sol on the power amp and JJ’s on the Preamp section. The Reverb unit and the Vibrato works perfectly well along with its original 2-button foorswitch.

Aesthetically, there’s only a few tiny dings over the tolex which is common from a +55 year old amp. Otherwise is pretty clean for its age and in Very good+ and fully working condition. All hardware seems to be all original. The amp sounds clean and 100% as you can expect from this iconic amp.

The amp will ship out professionally packed and insured to Continental US, and local pickup in LA is also available.



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