1968 Fender Telecaster Maple Cap Blonde Built – 7.4 Lbs


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1968 Fender Telecaster Maple Cap Blonde Built – 7.4 Lbs

Up for sale, here’s a really cool and incredible Telecaster built out of an Original, very clean and loaded August 1968 Fender Telecaster Maple Cap (3 AUG 68 B stamped with its matching F neck plate serial # 266XXX) paired with a light relic USA made MJT (Mark and Jenny) Telecaster body fully loaded with all period correct American made Premium parts and hardware.

7.4 Lbs. This is an incredible sounding instrument for the Player, ideally for someone looking to get a real vintage sounding Telecaster guitar at a fraction of a real whole 1968 would cost. Priced like a Fender Custom Shop but with a REAL vintage Fender ’68 Tele neck (which is the core, 90% of the sound is there). A Whole Very clean condition ’68 Telecaster Maple Cap goes for $9-10K…Yes, an early ’70s Tele goes for around half of the price, but quite not the same instrument, right? If you know, you get that anything Fender prior 1970 is superb, and 1968 still is a transitional period form the pre-CBS era and that’s why the prices are far superior than anything after ’70. If you know you know…

This neck is a “To Die for”, completely all original (w/original finish and decal logo), loaded with tuners, string tree, nut, frets (plenty of life left) and neck plate. Also, strap buttons and jack plate are matching to this ’68 neck, highly collectible. Aesthetically the neck has almost no visual effects, there’s only one little ding (barely visible) at the edge of the back of the headstock and does not affect in any way. There are no cracks and no other big blemishes other than very light superficial marks of usage for its vintage. The neck is still in Excellent shape overall.

The MJT body weights about 4 and a half pounds, very resonant with a light relic. It’s been loaded with all US Fender Vintage correct parts including: American Vintage ’64 Telecaster pickups set (Neck and bridge), American Vintage ’64 white pickguard (relic), American Vintage Telecaster mid ’60s Bridge with correct era saddles (relic) and American Vintage control plate and knobs (relic) with a custom ordered wiring harness traditional mid ’60s style (with CTS 250K Solid Shaft Pots, Oak Grigsby 3-Way Switch, Oiled Paper .047 Capacitor and Switchcraft 1/4″ Input Jack with Gavitt vintage wire). The guitar comes with an American made hard molded case in Excellent condition.

It’s an incredible instrument, you can walk into a studio or rehearsal feeling expensive, everyone will be blown away with its sound and look. Priced competitively low and affordable for the player.



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