1965 Fender Bassman Amp Black Face AA165 – All Original


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1965 Fender Bassman Amp 2-Channel 50-Watt Head Black Face AA165

Up for sale, here’s a beautiful example of a clean and all original 1965 Fender Bassman Amp head black face. If you’re reading this you know well why this is well known for. It’s amazing for Guitar and/or bass. It’s been played mainly in studio and constantly serviced. Cosmetically and functionally The amp is above average and all appears to be original with the exception of the tubes. It also has the 3 prong plug for safety reasons.

Original AA165 circuit. Letter O stamped not he tube spec sheet. All transformers and pots are dated ’65, as well as printed ’65 date on the chassis. Everything seems original, all original transformers and still retains the coveted blue molded caps. The tubes are all NOS vintage TAD on the power amp section, Realistic Lifetime, TAD and JJ’s on the preamp section. Pots works flawlessly. All hardware seems to be all original and fully functional (latches to lock the head with the cab and the two legs works perfect). The amp sounds clean and 100% as what a vintage Bassman Amp black Face is expected. The grill cloth and black tolex are original.

The amp will ship out professionally packed and fully insured (tubes will be detached and packed inside for better protection) to continental US and some international locations as well, please check for specific international destinations.



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