1968 Fender Telecaster Maple Cap Loaded Neck


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1968 Fender Telecaster Maple Cap Loaded Neck

Up for sale, here’s a rare to find and VERY CLEAN 1968 Fender Telecaster Maple cap neck All Original. Made in USA, Fender CBS era. If you know, you’re aware Fender made these type of neck for just a short period of time. Unlike the traditional one piece Maple neck and board, these came (like on a traditional Vintage early 60’s Rosewood neck) with a veneer layer but Maple fretboard and no skunk stripe, neither the truss rod button on the headstock. On the Telecaster, roughly these were made from around mid ’67 until late ’68, and this particular seems to be one of the latest ones.

The neck has been just taken from a real 1968 Fender Telecaster blonde guitar all original.

It’s very lightweight: 1.6 Lbs fully loaded. Original finish (shows some honest and moderate play wear), Original decal logo in excellent shape, original F tuners, original bone nut and string tree. As you can see even if it’s partially worn the neck stamp is still visible and it reads “3 AUG 68 B” where 3 stands for the instrument code (Telecaster), August ’68 the manufacture date and B is the neck width (1.63″).

Neck thickness at 1st fret is .820″ and at 12th fret is .930″. The neck is straight and allows truss rod adjustment both ways. Frets have work but still with life ahead. It’s been paired with its vintage body functioning as a whole instrument perfectly for years.

It’s definitely a VERY CLEAN and killer sounding and highly collectible neck that you can pair with any matching body. Very special one, the maple cap necks are one of the most desired necks (go check and compare prices on the Original instruments). This is a great chance to get one at a competitive price. Optionally, we have the original F neck plate with its original screws for an extra. Message us if interested.

The case on the photos is solely for the displaying purposes. The neck ships out professionally packed and insured to Continental US



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